What is a B.F. Skinner Research Paper?

What is a B.F. Skinner Research Paper?

The term ‘B.F. Skinner’ refers to an American personality who was a psychology lecturer at the Massachusetts College of Optometry. He is known for his book The Fundamentals of Psychology, which advocates for the use of operant conditioning in psychology. He is also known for his experiments with the pigeons.

He also wrote the book A Study of Sheep. This book is based on his experience observing and recording the behaviour of animals while conducting research in a laboratory. He used operant conditioning to change the behaviour of the animals.

Some of the hypotheses that he formulated include;

  • The bird would fall asleep when exposed to a certain cue.
  • The bird would salivate when exposed to a particular smell.
  • The operant response would cause the bird to associate the smell with food.
  • The reward derived from the association would enhance the bird’s desire to approach the food source.

Some of the studies conducted by B.F. Skinner include;

  1. The tracking of animal locomotion.
  2. The estimation of temperature in the cage.
  3. The expression of fear in the rats.
  4. The acquisition of fear in the dogs.

The relevance of operant conditioning in psychology has led to the study of B.F. Skinner’s influence on psychology, which has been widely applied.

Influence of B.F. Skinner on Psychology

Some of the books that B.F. Skinner wrote have had an impact on psychology. These include;

  1. The Soldier’s Narrative.
  2. The Expression of Emotions in Man.
  3. The Improvement of Student Performance.
  4. The Building of An Unconditional Aid Society.

These books advocate for using operant conditioning in psychology to modify a person’s behaviour. This technique is what is referred to as the operant approach to psychology.

Students must be taught about the influence of B.F. Skinner on psychology because he has been influential in shaping the way the field of psychology operates. He wrote many books that have had a significant influence on psychology, including;

  1. The Principles of Psychology.
  2. B.F. Skinner’s Field Studies.
  3. The Ethics of Tending the Lab.
  4. The Code of Conduct for the Behavioral Sciences.
  5. The operant approach in psychology.

What are the Implications of B.F. Skinner on Psychology?

He advocated the use of operant conditioning in psychology to change a person’s behaviour. This training technique has been used extensively in various studies to alter a person’s the help movie review essay personality. These include;

  1. The development of a drug habit
  2. The creation of a society reliant on the drug trade
  3. The motivation behind the creation of the death penalty in the United States
  4. The rehabilitation of prisoners through the use of drugs
  5. The creation of a culture of fear in the United States

The abovementioned studies have had a significant impact on the society and political landscape of the United States. They were designed to change a person’s mentality through the use of drugs.

Students should be taught about the relevance of B.F. Skinner on psychology because he wrote an influential book that has had an impact on the field of psychology.

He is also known for having an impact on music, as seen in the experiments conducted by B.F. Skinner with the pigeons. The results of the research led to the development of the Doze paper by B.F. Skinner.

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